Can I get Invisalign if I have a tooth with a crown?

Answer Sure. I had Invisalign and had a crown. Never gave it any thought.

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Can a tooth with deep pockets still have a root canal&a crown?

On One Hand: Extent of Bone LossDepending on the extent of bone loss, a person with deep pockets can have a root canal and a crown. If the prognosis is good, then investing in a root canal and a c... Read More »

Is it possible for patients with more serious case of tooth crowding and crooking to use Invisalign?

Answer It usually depends on the type of crowding you have. Not how crowded your teeth are. The best thing is to go get a consultation from frin a few different Orthodontists. They will know bet... Read More »

Is it necessary to have a crown on your tooth?

On One Hand: It is Necessary for Certain ConditionsCertain tooth conditions make it necessary for people to get a crown, otherwise known as a cap. Typical reasons are to protect a weak and decayed ... Read More »

Can a new crown tooth that hits against another tooth cause you to need a root canal?

%REPLIES% Answer No. But a tooth that needed a crown probably had a lot of decay. Sometimes it's very close to the nerve and doesn't heal itself and ends up needing a root canal. This is by no f... Read More »