Can I get Invisalign if I have a tooth with a crown?

Answer Sure. I had Invisalign and had a crown. Never gave it any thought.

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Can I get invisalign BEFORE I get a crown after a root canal?

No, you must get the crown first. For one thing, you risk major problems with the tooth that had the root canal. Get that taken care of ASAP. Braces can wait.

Can a new crown tooth that hits against another tooth cause you to need a root canal?

%REPLIES% Answer No. But a tooth that needed a crown probably had a lot of decay. Sometimes it's very close to the nerve and doesn't heal itself and ends up needing a root canal. This is by no f... Read More »

Root canal tooth, crack in crown, never had pain or discomfort, replaced crown & now pain?

It should have stopped hurting by now. It's possible that the tooth itself is cracked vertically from the top to the bottom. This is one of the few situations where the tooth can't be saved. You... Read More »

Invisalign/tooth related concern?

Pick up the phone and call your orthodontist about the numbness. Stop wiggling your teeth too. And I don't see how you can still grind and clench your teeth at night with the trays in.