Can I get FM radio on a BlackBerry Curve?

Answer None of the BlackBerry Curve models come with FM radio. The phone models are the 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 and 8350i. Each phone is offered through its own range of wireless providers. For instance, 8... Read More »

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Can you listen to live radio on a BlackBerry Curve?

There are several applications available to listen to live radio on a Blackberry Curve. Pandora, Slacker Radio and iheartradio are all music services that you can download directly from the device ... Read More »

The Differences Between the BlackBerry Curve and the Curve 2?

The BlackBerry Curve line is part of a family of smartphones and hand-held wireless devices developed and produced by Research In Motion (RIM). Aimed at the mid-range consumer market, the Curve lin... Read More »

Should I get the enV 2 or the enV or the blackberry curve?

i have the env2 and its awesome, but the blackberry curve is prolly fancier and more fun. alot of people have the env so i would go with the blackberry

What is a Blackberry Curve?

The Blackberry Curve is a brand and style of cellular telephone that allows users to perform a variety of other tasks in addition to making phone calls. Based in Waterloo, Canada, Research in Motio... Read More »