Can I fry last nights left over mashed spud for my breakfast?

Answer Add spices of your choice. If you have any left over mince or chicken add to the spuds or any left over veggies.make rounds dip in beaten eggs and fry.or grate carrots and add to spuds with lots of... Read More »

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Whats wrong with eating last nights leftover kebab for breakfast?

Whatever floats your boat, honey!A cool Stella would go down rather well right now.I much prefer a left over curry though with a garlic naan that's a little chewy.Now that's far more classy.(vindal... Read More »

I get 4L of white wine that lasts 3-4 nights. only 2 nights in over the past month i have not had any?

any excessive alcohol consumption will have health implications if its prolonged. are you a social drinker or do you drink alone? if so you might want to look at why you are drinking so regularly a... Read More »

What are the consequences for leaving your contacts in over night....or over 7 nights?

when u wake up arent ur eyes really dry?? it dries mine out if i even fall asleep w/ them for an hour. i always thought that was the reason. also probably bacteria can cause infection. i wouldnt we... Read More »

Hello , i have pains in left lower left leg that move all over at random times please help?

Having sat on an aircraft all that way, May have aggravated, existing varicose veins .( if this pain is restricted to the left leg only , that seems unlikely) You did not say, whether you were ab... Read More »