Can I freeze whipping cream?

Answer On One Hand: Technically, YesThe University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension reports that milk products can safely be frozen if pasteurized and used within a month. The best way to freeze whipping cre... Read More »

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Can I freeze soup with whipping cream in it?

On One Hand: Whipping Cream FreezesWhipping cream will freeze; ice cream is really just another form of frozen cream. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Freezing and Food Safety tips... Read More »

What if I use the spray whipping cream and fold it with the condensed milk to make no-churn ice cream?

Yes ReddiWhip or other Spray "aerosol" whipping cream can be frozen. I am guessing this recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk and the "aerosol" type whipped creams also contains sugars. If yo... Read More »

Recipe called for heavy whipping cream, can I used double cream Is for cheesecake filling.?

double cream will be fine for a cheesecake filling instead of heavy whipping cream. if you're mixing it with cheese of some sort, then the double cream will probably give a better result.

How to Substitute Heavy Whipping Cream for Light Cream?

Ingredients in a recipe all play a role in how the final product looks and tastes. Fats add a smooth, creamy texture. The higher the percentage of fat in the recipe, the richer the final flavor wil... Read More »