Can I freeze soup with whipping cream in it?

Answer On One Hand: Whipping Cream FreezesWhipping cream will freeze; ice cream is really just another form of frozen cream. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Freezing and Food Safety tips... Read More »

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Can I freeze whipping cream?

On One Hand: Technically, YesThe University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension reports that milk products can safely be frozen if pasteurized and used within a month. The best way to freeze whipping cre... Read More »

What if I use the spray whipping cream and fold it with the condensed milk to make no-churn ice cream?

Yes ReddiWhip or other Spray "aerosol" whipping cream can be frozen. I am guessing this recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk and the "aerosol" type whipped creams also contains sugars. If yo... Read More »

Can you replace heavy cream with whipping cream?

It depends on the recipe. Whipping cream contains less milk fat than heavy cream and will not hold its form for long. Whipping cream is good for fillings but does not hold up well in recipes that c... Read More »

Can you freeze cream of mushroom soup?

Cream of mushroom soup can be frozen. Though cream of mushroom soup is known to curdle and separate when heated from a frozen state, you can avoid this by heating it over boiling water while contin... Read More »