Can I freeze milk for my little brother and use it as an ice pack?

Answer Yes you can.If you need a freeze pack immediately you will not have the time so use a bag of veggies or something that is already frozen.Chetak

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If you buy a product in Holland, say a 500 ml. pack of Milk, it shows 500 ml e on the pack. What is that e for?

The e-mark, which is not the letter "e" but very much alike indicates that the amount of prepackaged to meet the European Directive 1976/211/EEG. This directive indicates that 1) the average of the... Read More »

Can you freeze whole milk?

You can freeze whole milk, but you will typically notice a change in both the taste and texture after it thaws. The nutritional value will not be affected. To thaw milk, place the container in cold... Read More »

Can you freeze milk?

hiIf you mean, "can I buy a gallon-sized plastic container of milk and chuck it in the freezer when I get home?," the answer is no. At the very least, you have to free up enough space in the contai... Read More »

How to Freeze Milk?

Freezing milk is an incredibly easy way to extend the freshness of your milk. It doesn't change the flavour and it does enable you to take advantage of bargains at the supermarket or to prolong the... Read More »