Can I freeze curry leaves?

Answer Curry leaves, grown in Southern India and Australia, can be a delicious addition to many dishes. Curry leaves can be refrigerated for up to two weeks or frozen. To keep the leaves fresh, leave curr... Read More »

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How to Plant Curry Leaves?

One of the memorable flavors in many Indian dishes is from the leaf of the curry leaf tree ( Murraya koenigii), a tree that is also known as "curry leaves."Native to southern India, curry leaves ar... Read More »

What are curry leaves?

Curry leaves are leaves from a plant indigenous to tropical Asia, southern India and Sri Lanka, according to The leaves are often used in the making of curries and other food dishes of ... Read More »

Where to buy curry leaves in Houston?

Fiesta Mart on I10, also on Bel Airesee

How to Get a Deep Green Color in the Leaves of a Curry Plant?

The curry leaf tree, known botanically as Murraya koenigii or Bergera koenigii, is a tropical evergreen flowering and fruiting shrub. The black fruits are eaten fresh from the shrub and the leaves ... Read More »