Can I fix a broken toe by myself (Pics)?

Answer… Here is a link that may help. I have broken almost all of my toes and the best thing to do is ... Read More »

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I have a broken laptop screen and need the pics off the hard drive?

You could take the hard drive out, connect it to a 2.5" USB external enclosure and connect it to your desktops USB port. To find how to take out the drive check your manual or the web for your part... Read More »

How do i edit pics such as my pics and funny pics going around facebook these days?

Well Different People Probably Use Different Programs a Popular Photo Editing Program is Photoshop

I have diabetes and cancer, how can i help myself strenthen myself & my immune system?

Depends entirely what kind of cancer. Some cancers can be as benign as to be brushed off your skin. Others are more aggressive and invasive.*IF* this is one of those aggressive cancers people may l... Read More »

Can you set facebook profile pics as your contacts pics on iphone 4?