Can I file my taxes online and have direct deposit?

Answer Yes, when you submit your federal tax return via e-file, you have the option of requesting that the IRS send your tax refund to a valid checking or savings account via direct deposit.Source:IRS: Is... Read More »

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How to File Back Taxes With a Direct Deposit Refund?

For American taxpayers, April 15 can be among the most dreaded days of the year. It is usually the deadline for paying taxes, though the government may shift the date by a few days to accommodate w... Read More »

Is direct deposit free of charge when filing income taxes?

According to tax regulators, any monies received are termed as income. Whether the deposit is direct over-the-counter, EFT (electronic funds transfer) or via a check, the most important thing to n... Read More »

If I file my taxes online, do I have until midnight tonight?

Where I live the post office even has people curbside to stamp it for you tonight. All the way up to the line of 11:59:59.You know that if you do not have your taxes finished you can file for an ex... Read More »

How long do I have to deposit payroll taxes?

According to IRS Publication 15, an employer has three business days past the date payroll checks are issued to deposit the necessary payroll tax amounts. Those employers using the Electronic Feder... Read More »