Can I file for bankruptcy on SSI?

Answer You can file bankruptcy while receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Federal law protects SSI payments from bankruptcy proceedings. However, SSI payments can be garnished to pay back taxes, ... Read More »

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How soon after filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy can you file a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code allows debtors to file for bankruptcy multiple times, but has changed the number of years you must wait between filings. Previously, a debtor could file under either Chapt... Read More »

Did GM file for bankruptcy?

General Motors (GM) officially filed for bankruptcy on June 1, 2009. GM sold several of its brands, including Hummer and Saab, in an attempt to restructure the company. A slimmed-down GM emerged fr... Read More »

How to File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

There are several different kinds of bankruptcy in North America, and many people get confused about which option is best. It is important to understand each option before deciding which type to us... Read More »

How to File for Bankruptcy in Reno, NV?

Facing the decision to file bankruptcy can leave you scared and uncertain of the steps to take. The bankruptcy process in Reno Nevada takes approximately three months from filing the bankruptcy pet... Read More »