Can I file bankruptcy on cash advances?

Answer Although bankruptcy laws can vary from state to state, bankruptcy laws regarding cash advancement loans are quite similar. In most states, the law states that cash advances over $750 that have been... Read More »

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What Happens If I Don't Pay Cash Advances?

Sudden financial difficulties can strike anyone at any time which can create an immediate need for cash. A cash advance is a short-term loan or a cash withdrawal made with a credit card that enable... Read More »

When are company cash advances due?

Cash advances are payday loans that are generally due on the next payday. Almost all companies that offer cash advances require the money to be paid back on next payday, whether weekly, semi-monthl... Read More »

Can you get cash advances on credit cards?

Credit cards typically allow a cardholder to obtain cash advances from the available line of credit on his card. According to, obtaining a cash withdrawal is usually as simple as us... Read More »

How to Buy a Car for Cash Before Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcy provides relief from debt for businesses and individuals by giving bankruptcy filers a way to cope with debt while being protected from creditors. After a bankruptcy case has been filed,... Read More »