Can I file HOH with dependents when I have no income?

Answer In order to file as Head of Household, you must be unmarried and have at least one dependent. You also need to have paid more than half of the expenses necessary to maintain your home over the year... Read More »

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How to File Taxes With Dependents?

In 2009, each dependent listed on your personal tax return, form 1040, provided an exemption of $3,650. This exemption reduced your taxable income, which in turn reduced your tax liability for the ... Read More »

Do children with income have to file taxes?

Any dependent that earns more than $5,700 and is not blind needs to file taxes. If the dependent is blind, she is allowed to earn $7,100 before filing federal taxes. So if your child has a part-tim... Read More »

How to File State and Federal Tax Returns in Illinois for Free when You Have No Income?

If you are a full-time student with no income, the following is how you as a student living in Illinois can successfully file your State and Federal tax return for free.

At what income does a minor have to file an income tax return?

As of the 2009 tax year, if a minor has gross income of more than $9,350, she must file income taxes. Gross income is the total amount of taxable income the child earns during the year. If the mino... Read More »