Can I feed package bees with bee feed patties?

Answer You can feed package bees with bee feed patties provided you received a queen with the shipment, as only colonies with a queen will feed on the patties. When placing the patties, be sure to positio... Read More »

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How to Feed Bees Without a Feeder?

There are several ways to feed honeybees without the need for a commercial feeder. Honeybees will need to be fed a 50/50 solution of water and sugar when the colony is too small to support itself, ... Read More »

Do bees feed on hummingbird feeders?

A number of insects, including bees, wasps and ants, are attracted to hummingbird feeders. When nectar-producing flowers are scarce, honeybees will readily feed on the sugar water solution in hummi... Read More »

How to Feed Honey Bees Spearmint & Lemongrass?

Spearmint and lemongrass oils benefit bees. In 2006, James Amrine, an expert on mites, teamed with beekeeper Bob Noel to find organic ways to control tracheal and varroa mite infestations. Their re... Read More »

How to Change an HP Printer From Manual Feed to Automatic Feed?

Using the printer's manual feed option when printing on heavier paper, card stock and other special media is the way to go to reduce paper jams. For a speedier and effortless way to print documents... Read More »