Can I fax over the Internet through my computer?

Answer It's not only possible to fax over the Internet on your computer--it's very simple. Internet faxing works by signing up with a service provider. When you want to fax a document, you email the docum... Read More »

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Is there Internet search experts available on internet who helps in real time through chat or over the phone ?

I would be happy to help you with any question you might have, all my contact information is visible so feel free to contact meAdditional Information: Hey I found the Internet God's website at http... Read More »

How to access other computer from my computer through internet so that i can see there desktop?

the best software to do this is TeamViewer ,downloadfrom here :http://teamviewer.cominstall the program and tell your friend to install it,tell your friend to give you the id and the password from ... Read More »

How do i set up internet through another computer 10 POINTS?

Sounds right. It may be the cable. There are 2 kinds of common ethernet cables. One strait through, and one cross-over. You want strait through. The only way to tell is to compare both ends of the ... Read More »

How do you connect the AJ-5030 to the computer through the internet?