Can I enlist with the Air Force after being in the National Guard?

Answer The National Guard is the oldest branch of the military and it requires that enlisted men and women serve at least eight years, although some of that period may be spent in Reserves. The Air Force ... Read More »

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Can you enlist into the Marine Corp after you leave the Air Force for a failed drug test?

It would be highly unlikely. Consult a Marine Recruiter with your DD-214 in hand.

Can someone re-enlist in the Air Force with a referral performance report?

Collect occupational survey data, analyze occupational survey data, and report on occupational survey data.

What is the monthly income of a air force pilot after being taxed thirty percent?

yes, as long as the E-5 is not the E-3's supervisor or anything directly over/effecting the E-3's chain of command.

You are 12 but you want to enlist in the Air Force What do you do?

in order to enlist, you need an education, GED or High school diploma, also you need to be 18 or have your parents consent.