Can I edit a printed page that I have scanned onto a pc?

Answer Use an Image editor like for editing pictures. Text is a very simple image, to the computer at least. To look for the document on disk, go offline, NEVER do this while online and especially with M... Read More »

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How do I edit pictures that have been scanned?

A lot of the scanners at Sam's Club/Wal-Mart have an option to rotate the picture on the screen, so just remember that for future reference. Any simple editting program will have an option to rotat... Read More »

I have a scanned paper that I need to edit, how?

Abby Fine Reader is the best software. Try it. Trial Version is available.

I have a 300 page hardcopy that I need to scan, edit and then transform into pdf for publishing. What do I do?

you yell THIS IS SPARTA! and then kick your teacher down a hole.

How do I write on a document that I just scanned onto my PC?

Hi AbbasDown the Free software called "FREEocr" It will read your document and convert it to text automatically and put it in Ms Word. Very good program especially since it is FREE as is... Read More »