Can I eat this expired protein bar?

Answer I bet the date does NOT say expired at all, but rather best if used by.That being said, stuff like that rarely actually spoils. It may smell or taste old but a good sniff will tell you whether tha... Read More »

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Should i eat this expired Mayo?

Eat it and keep us updated on the results please.

Is it safe to drink an expired sealed grounded coffee(expired 7yrs ago)?

no problem at allmay not be as stronginvite friends over and serve it and see response

I got an expired coca cola ( 2 mos. expired), is it still healthy to drink it?

No soda is "healthy" to drink. As for being expired, it won't harm you more than regular soda, it just won't be as fresh.

What should I Do about this expired food dilemma?

The normal symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting and diarrhea which normally set in within 24 hours of eating contaminated food. The 2 of you sound as though you have a bacterial infection, but ... Read More »