Can I eat goats cheese while pregnant?

Answer Goats cheese is fine to eat during pregnancy as long as it is pasteurised or cooked as part of a recipe. Cheese is an important source of protein and calcium for pregnant women but certain kinds do... Read More »

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What is goats cheese made from?

How to Raise Goats for Milk & Cheese?

Goats are popular animals in both commercial farming and personal barnyard situations. Their playful personalities can make them entertaining as pets, though many people raise them for more practic... Read More »

Is feta cheese made from goats?

Feta cheese is traditional Greek cheese made from ewes’ milk or ewes’ milk mixed with goats’ milk. The cheese is white and soft. It is sliced, sprinkled with salt and covered with brine or oi... Read More »

Are Goats factory farmed Does eating Goat cheese support animal cruelty?

Congratulations on being an aware consumer :). I personally know a couple goat farmers here in Maine that provide very loving homes for their goats, as well as an organic farmer who treats his cow... Read More »