Can I eat 1000 calories a day?

Answer 1) It may be slightly too low, it depends on whether you are trying to lose weight or not. For a person trying to stay at their current weight, that's not enough calories. 2) This website provides ... Read More »

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If I burn 1000 calories a day,how many calories should I eat?

The recommended amount for a 14-18 year old is 1800 calories. This amount is for you're body to function. You're eating 1500 and burning 1000 of these, therfore you're body is only getting 500 of i... Read More »

Is 1000 calories a day enough?

No, you need to eat 1500 calories. And if you lost weight, then you would be underweight.

If I only eat 500 calories a day and loose 1000 calories a day how much will I loose in a week?

you will do damage to your metabolism so when you out the 1000 back your body will equate it with 2000 instead, it is never good to go this low in calories. Stick to 1500 minimum and 1200 with a do... Read More »

Will i Lose weight if i eat 1200 calories and i burn at least 100 calories?