Can I e-file my federal taxes for free?

Answer According to the Internal Revenue Service, individual taxpayers whose income was $57,000 or less in 2009 are granted access to the Free File program, which allows eligible taxpayers to file their t... Read More »

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How to File My Federal Taxes Online for Free?

Many tax preparation services offer online software that you can use for a fee. But if you want to save money, there are services that allow you to file your federal taxes online for free. Free-fil... Read More »

Can You File State Income Taxes Before Federal Taxes?

Although you do not have to file your federal return first, many states' tax returns require information from your federal return. This means you will have to complete your federal return before yo... Read More »

Can you e-file federal&paper file state taxes?

Sure. You can e-file your federal taxes through either the Internal Revenue Service's e-file program or by using a software program, such as Turbo Tax. Then, you can simply prepare and postal mail ... Read More »

Who has to file federal taxes?

You must check your age, filing status and income to determine whether you have to file a federal tax return. The first thing is to decide your filing status and then check on whether you have met ... Read More »