Can I dye my highlights to black today and re dye it again in same day?

Answer Don't dye it Black You will have the hardest time trying to get the color out especially if you want to put highlights back in it. If You want to go dark I suggest a dark brown .to me it fades quic... Read More »

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HELP! My computer is restarting itself again and again, this happened twice today?

If your computer always restart, There are some reason:I. It's Hot in ThereSometimes this can be caused by an overheating situation. Itunes, RealPlayer, Windows Media player,etc. require a lot of p... Read More »

Could it be a symptoms of pregnancy if you were supposed to start your period today and had brown spotting this morning which turned to pink then to almost black in the same day?

Answer this i squite common when first pregnant and if you do do a test that proves that you are then you should speak to your doctor or midwife about this for them to check and make sure that ever... Read More »

How to Add Highlights to Black Hair?

Adding highlights to black hair can give your hair color contrast, depth and dimension. There are quite a few things you'll need, as well as many steps to take when adding highlights to black hair.... Read More »

Highlights in black hair?

Black hair looks good with just a few strands of the deep red. Not much though, if you want to try something different. Blue/Black looks good too.