Can I dye my black hair brown?

Answer Most likely not, you would have to strip it and then dye it brown. But i don't recommend it! Striping your hair can cause damage beyond belief!

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Would dark brown hair look cool with black tips or black streaks?

How do I Get Black Hair to Have Multi Colors of Black & Brown?

Jet black hair is beautiful, but solid, black locks with no variation in color can sometimes look harsh. Lighten up your look by adding highlights. Highlights are streaks of color that can be added... Read More »

What will happen if you mix a blue black hair dye with darkest natural brown hair dye.?

It'll be black. I dyed my hair using blue black dye and it was jet black. What they mean by blue-black is the black is blue based, but you wont see the blue, at least I didn't when I dyed mine, but... Read More »

Black hair referred as brown hair WHAT HELP!?