Can I drive a car after the power steering stops working?

Answer According to, it is possible to drive a car without power steering; however, doing so requires a more intensive effort on the part of the driver just to steer the car. This can be dange... Read More »

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What should you do when a SanDisk flash drive stops working?

On One Hand: USB Port DiagnosisWhen you insert a USB flash drive and the computer doesn't read the drive, then you may have a malfunctioning port. This is the most common issue because, over time, ... Read More »

What to Do If Power Steering Is Not Working?

Power steering allows you to turn your car via the steering wheel without resistance. If you're having a hard time turning your steering wheel, chances are your power steering isn't working correct... Read More »

How to Tell If the Power Steering Isn't Working?

The power steering system on a motor vehicle exists solely to make the act of steering take less strength and effort. If your power steering system isn't working, the difference in the amount of st... Read More »

Can you drive a car without power steering?

Power steering for automobiles was not introduced until 1951. Many vehicles did not Generally, the smaller and lighter the vehicle is, the easier it is to drive without power steering. Large and he... Read More »