Can I drive a car after the power steering stops working?

Answer According to, it is possible to drive a car without power steering; however, doing so requires a more intensive effort on the part of the driver just to steer the car. This can be dange... Read More »

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What should you do when a SanDisk flash drive stops working?

On One Hand: USB Port DiagnosisWhen you insert a USB flash drive and the computer doesn't read the drive, then you may have a malfunctioning port. This is the most common issue because, over time, ... Read More »

What items must be thrown out after a refrigerator stops working?

Any potentially hazardous product that has been above 40°F for 2 hours or more should probably be tossed - milk, meat, fish, poultry, processed vegetables, coleslaw, potato salad, etc. The higher ... Read More »

What to Do If Power Steering Is Not Working?

Power steering allows you to turn your car via the steering wheel without resistance. If you're having a hard time turning your steering wheel, chances are your power steering isn't working correct... Read More »

Laptop MousePad Stops Working After A Hacking System Named AntiVirus 2008?

download Malwarebytes anti-malware, install, update and scan with this.anti virus 2008 is a spyware program.