Can I drink expired chocolate milk?

Answer that date probably does NOT say expired.I bet it says best if used by...And it will probably also say "will remain wholesome for up to a week after this date"Basically if milk is spoiled, it will t... Read More »

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I just drank expired chocolate milk..?

um yeah... I mean it is expired. My sister got sick from drinking expired milk. It wasn't so bad...but still

How to Drink Milk Through Chocolate?

Want to drink milk through a chocolate bar? This guide tells you how!

Milk Tea Hot Chocolate Or other Which do you like to drink before bedtime?

I drink ice water. I have to have it by my bed when I go to sleep.

Would you rather drink chocolate,strawberry or vanilla milk?

chocolate milk...nice, but vanilla sounds yummy too... i like strawberry but like a fruit...i get "sick" when i drink strawberry milk