Can I drink coffee and tea and still be considered fasting?

Answer On One Hand: It Depends on Your ReligionIf you're fasting for religious reasons (for medical or health reasons, consult a doctor or health expert), your specific tradition will have its own guideli... Read More »

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If I drink a coffee before working out, am I still burning fat or just the caffeine from the coffee?

I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly. Caffeine doesn't have carbs. Carbs are what fuel your body. So you can't really burn caffeine away by exercise.EDIT:I didn't say that q... Read More »

Can you drink green tea when fasting?

No. You can't eat/drink anything when fasting.

Best juices to drink for fasting?

a carrot juice base is probably best as so many other juices are heavy on the sugar content.

Can you drink miso soup while fasting?

Drinking miso soup is not acceptable while fasting. Only water is allowed during a traditional water fast, according to Dr. Ben Kim's website. For juice fasts, only fruit and vegetable juices are a... Read More »