Can I drink alcohol with mono?

Answer On One Hand: Mono May Not Impact Day-to-Day LifeMononucleosis is an infectious disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. It is a disease suffered mostly by children, and but can also infect adults.... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol after having mono?

On One Hand: Alcohol Should Be Safe After MonoThere is no specific medical cause for a person who has recovered from mononucleosis ("mono") not to drink, and the Mayo Clinic and Medline Plus do not... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol with a uti?

On One Hand: Alcohol Increases UrinationDrinking alcoholic beverages causes you to urinate more frequently. On the surface, this may seem to be a boon when it comes to getting rid of a urinary trac... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol with LDN?

On One Hand: Pleasure-Blocking PropertiesNalterxone blocks the effects of narcotics and is sometimes used to block the effects of alcohol dependency. Nalterxone thwarts the sensory receptors that s... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol with levitra?

On One Hand: Light or Moderate Use of Alcohol Is Usually OKAccording to experts at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, while excessive use of alcohol can interfere with the speed and... Read More »