Can I drink alcohol while taking Zocor?

Answer On One Hand: Merck's Cautions Are ModestIn required legislative filings with the Food and Drug Administration, Merck & Co., the manufacturer of the cholesterol-reducing drug Zocor, only suggests th... Read More »

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Can i drink alcohol with zocor?

On One Hand: Alcohol Is RiskyZocor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that blocks the production of cholesterol. According to, patients should "avoid drinking alcohol while taking Zocor... Read More »

Can i drink alcohol if i am taking tramadol?

On One Hand: Alcohol Increases Risks of Side EffectsConsuming alcoholic beverages while taking tramadol increases your risk of certain side effects of the medication. Tramadol and alcohol are both ... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol when taking concerta?

On One Hand: Do Not Drink Alcohol When Taking ConcertaRxList describes Concerta as a central nervous system stimulant. This medication is a controlled substance. Medications are generally classif... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol when you are taking docycycline?

On One Hand: No Listed InteractionPfizer, the makers of doxycycline, does not list alcohol as a potential for drug interaction. The Mayo Clinic also does not list doxycycline and alcohol as adverse... Read More »