Can I download Azureus?

Answer Azureus was taken over and re-branded as Vuze. Vuse is available for free download from the manufacturer's website. While previous versions of Azureus can be downloaded from websites that archive l... Read More »

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How do I increase download speed for Azureus?

Click the "Tools" tab on the Azureus main screen. Select "Options." Click the "Transfer" link. Enter "O" in the field labeled, "KB/s global max download speed." This changes the download speed to "... Read More »

How to Download Separate Torrents on Azureus?

When you download a torrent, you might sometimes want only particular files in it. For instance, a torrent might contain a large collection of books in the public domain while you want only one or ... Read More »

How do I use Azureus?

DownloadGo to, and download Vuze (Azureus' new name). The download button is orange. It is a free program.Save to ComputerComplete the download process by saving the program... Read More »

How to Use Azureus Software?

Azureus is a peer to peer (P2P) sharing software that allows users to share files over the Internet. You can use Azureus software to open torrent files (files that act as download links on a shared... Read More »