Can I do this with paypal?

Answer Yes. If your credit card is attached to your account just buy the item. It will first take it from the balance & then from the card.~

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Should I pay with paypal or a money order in this situation?

I have only used money orders...I only buy from top sellers and people with 100% feedback. I have not had a problem yet.I would wait though since they know your bank account or whatever. Can't you ... Read More »

How does this Paypal scam work?

There are plenty of scams using Paypal's name1 - they send you an email saying money has been sent but due to new security measures it will not be credited until you send the tracking info. So you ... Read More »

Just made a new ebay account, why is paypal telling me this?

Can a Paypal recipient see my real name on my Paypal account?

When you send someone money via Paypal, or they send you money via Paypal, your first name and the first initial of your last name (or the initial of your middle name if you included that) will be ... Read More »