Can I do payroll for domestic help if I have a home business?

Answer On One Hand: You Can Do PayrollIf you have domestic help it is your responsibility to see that payroll is processed properly.The fact that you have a home business does not matter. You can do the p... Read More »

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How international business differ from domestic business?

International business is done on broader level and in other foreign countries. While the Domestic business is done at small level and within the country.

How to Start a Payroll Services Business?

If you learn the rules, obtain an appropriate payroll computer software program and never fail to perform the required tasks properly and on time, you can start and operate a profitable payroll ser... Read More »

How much are business payroll taxes in Georgia?

The state of Georgia calculates payroll taxes based on the salary earned, filing status of the individual and the number of dependents claimed. As of 2010, payroll withholding rates range between 0... Read More »

How to Purchase an Online Payroll System for Your Business?

Today, businesses don’t have the luxury of dedicating large chunks of time and other resources for getting employees paid on time. Using an online payroll can ease your burden and get things done... Read More »