Can I determine the size of pictures before I take them, in bytes?

Answer File size depends on what resolution and compression you have set on your camera.It varies from brand to brand and it's also affected by sensor size. The best thing to do is make a note of what siz... Read More »

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What is bytes mega bytes and giga bytes?

bytes, megabytes and Gigabytes are the units for measuring the amout of data on a computer. 1024 megabytes are a gigabyte

How many pictures can 2 tera bytes hold?

How many pictures will 2 Tera bytes hold?

How do I Take Pictures Off of a Samsung Messenger & Put Them on a PC Without a Memory Card?

The Samsung Messenger is a slide cell phone available through a variety of wireless providers. The mobile phone comes with its own built-in digital camera. Although the Samsung Messenger does have ... Read More »