Can I deposit my tax rebate to my Visa debit card?

Answer You can have the Internal Revenue Service directly deposit your rebate to your Visa debit card so long as you have it linked to a bank account, according to the IRS website. Actually, the IRS prefe... Read More »

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You are from Malaysia and you use a Visa oriented Maybank debit card Any help would be appreciated done lining up in the wee hours of the morning Can you purchase iPad 2 with your debit card?

Smart Cover for Your iPad There is a video right on the iPad website. You can also order a Smart Cover from the same page. It is a pretty straightforward simple video. I used it to learn about mine... Read More »

Can a bank debit card be overdrafted without deposit?

On One Hand: Flexible Overdraft OptionsOverdraft coverage is available on many checking accounts without the need for a deposit. The exact policies of this coverage can vary from bank to bank. Many... Read More »

What is a Visa debit card?

You can use your Visa debit card anywhere that accepts Visa, and the amount of your purchase is deducted from your bank account. The card works just like a check, but the purchase amount is normall... Read More »

Is a Visa debit card the same as cash?

Visa debit cards are essentially the same thing as cash because they are directly debited from your bank account. They are accepted at most businesses worldwide, according to Visa. Additionally, th... Read More »