Can I deposit a check made out to cash?

Answer You can deposit a check made out to "cash." However, banks might be suspicious of checks made out that way and might refuse to cash them, since anyone can pick up a lost check made out to "cash" an... Read More »

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How to Address a Check to Deposit Cash Into a Different Checking Account?

When you receive a check as payment, you can deposit the money into your bank account or take the cash. Or, you can endorse that check over to someone else so they can use the money. Each situation... Read More »

Can i cash a check made out to my husband's name?

Most financial institutions will not allow you to cash a check in your husband's name because of the risk of fraud. On the other hand, if you have a Power of Attorney for your husband, you can cash... Read More »

How do you cash an auto insurance check that is made out to you and the loan company?

you need to check first your account and then you get itYou will have to take or send it to the loan company. They have the first right to any money from the check to cover the outstanding loan amo... Read More »

Can you deposit cash into an ATM?

Bank-owned automated teller machines (ATM) accept cash deposits. While some banks require you to place your cash into an envelope, some banks, including Bank of America and Chase, allow a user to d... Read More »