Can I delete the i386 folder?

Answer On One Hand: Installation CDsThe i386 folder can be removed if the computer that was purchased came with a pre-manufactured Windows installation CD, which contains the baseline i386 folder already,... Read More »

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What is the i386 folder?

While peeking into your computer's labyrinth of directories, you may come across the i386 folder. This is an important collection of files that should never be altered or deleted. Don't let the i38... Read More »

How to Make a Clean Install With I386 Folder?

Some users of Microsoft Windows XP find that eventually they need to reinstall the operating system. As programs are installed and the computer is used over time, files become corrupted and the ope... Read More »

How to protect folder with password, when someone trying to delete the folder?

Folder Guard

How do I delete the history folder in IE7?

Open an Internet Explorer window, click on the "Tools" menu in the upper left corner, and click on "Internet Options". Click on the "Delete" button in the the "Browsing History" section of the Gene... Read More »