Can I deduct my car?

Answer On One Hand: Probably NotAccording to Cook and Company, you can't deduct the purchase price of a car unless it weighs more than 6,000 pounds. Some larger SUVs and heavy duty trucks do meet this wei... Read More »

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How to Deduct Both a 401(k) & an SEP?

Participating in a 401k and a simplified employee pension individual retirement account (SEP IRA) allows you to put a large portion of your income towards retirement savings. Employers administer 4... Read More »

Can you deduct gas on your taxes?

On One Hand: Not Regular CommutesIf you just drive from your home to your job and back, you cannot deduct your gas costs. However, if you work multiple jobs, you can deduct the cost of gas used dri... Read More »

What can you deduct from taxes?

Several tens of thousands of pages (maybe more) exist on this topic. No list does, nor is a list possible.

How to Deduct IRA Losses?

The Internal Revenue Service permits people to deduct losses from their individual retirement accounts (IRAs), but only in limited circumstances and only against their tax basis in the account, not... Read More »