Can I crossfire like this?

Answer No it will not work. There are a lot of things wrong with your build. First off your motherboard is a microATX. MicroATX is the really small mobos. Get a standard sized ATX. Second you can't have c... Read More »

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How to Talk in Crossfire?

"Crossfire" is an online first person shooter video game designed to allow friends and enemies to shoot at one another via their Web browsers. As with many online games, "Crossfire" gives you the a... Read More »

How to Change Oil in a Crossfire?

Mercedes and Chrysler produced the Chrysler Crossfire from 2004 to 2007, with Mercedes manufacturing 80 percent of its parts. It was a sports car, but was designed with traits of a roadster and cou... Read More »

How to Download Crossfire for Mac?

You must download a Crossfire client if you want to play the game. Crossfire is a "massively multiplayer online role-playing game," or MMORPG. To connect to the Crossfire servers, you need the appr... Read More »

680 SLI or 7970 Crossfire?

for most games you will get slightly better Performance using the 7970s in crossfire.though the difference will only be a couple of frames.