Can I copy/paste or save "Flash" pictures?

Answer There is, but it's kinda ghetto. Usually what I do when a website disallows copying photos is I hit the [Print Screen] key on the keyboard. It's the very next button to the right of F12. What it do... Read More »

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How to Save Pictures From My Computer to a Flash Drive?

Saving pictures to a flash drive allows you to do multiple things, including making backup copies of your pictures, allowing you to easily transfer pictures to other computers and allowing you to e... Read More »

Saving Pictures and a problem. Whenever I save a pic, the right click 'save as'?

I Google and find answer for you:SUMMARYWhen you save an image in Microsoft Internet Explorer, the image is saved by default as a bitmap (.bmp). You do not have the option to save the image by usin... Read More »

How do i save flash as a screensaver?

Saving Flash ScreensaversPublish your Flash file as an.swf file. Flash does not have the ability to save files directly as .scr applications, which is the format necessary for screensavers. Load yo... Read More »

How to Save Flash Files to a Mac?

Flash video files with the extensions ".flv" and ".swf" are common on the Internet. However, often Flash files on websites do not include a download link. Computer users with a slow or uneven Int... Read More »