Can I copy my hard drive to another exactly?

Answer There are multiple pieces of software that allow you to "clone," or copy, a drive. Cloning is copying the entire image of a drive, including the specific arrangement of files, from one physical di... Read More »

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How do I copy one hard drive to another?

Click on the "Start" button on your taskbar. Click "Computer." Press the "Alt" key. A menu will appear near the top of the window. Select the "Tools" option, and then click "Folder Options." Click ... Read More »

How to Copy Hardware Drivers to Another Hard Drive?

Hardware device drivers are the software on a computer system that make it possible for computer programs and the operating system to interact with and utilize various hardware components including... Read More »

What program will let me copy one hard drive to another?

As the others have said, you need a cloning software. But you don't have to buy anything. There are a number of free ones around, some from the hard disk manufacturers themselves.List of Free Hard ... Read More »

Is it possible to copy an entire hard xp + prog files from 1 hd to another.literally drag & drop ?

No the files are too big you need to make a data dvd(s)