Can I convert an MP3 file to a .tiff file?

Answer An MP3 file cannot be converted into a .tiff file. MP3 files are audio files, containing no image data. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) files are image files, containing no audio data. These two fo... Read More »

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How Do I Convert A Publisher File To A Color Tiff File?

I can only get it to convert my file into a grayscale TIFF file. In the end I need it to be a jpeg file, but I thought if I could get it to a TIFF file, then I could do the TIFF to jpeg conversion ... Read More »

How can I convert a JPEG2000 file into a TIFF file?

Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are able to convert JPEG2000 files.

How do I convert a colored Tiff file to a pdf file?

Do you have Acrobat (the full version)? If so, you can just do a File>Create PDF>From File and then select your TIFF file. This will create a one page PDF document. If you are using an older versio... Read More »

How can I convert a MrSid file into a TIFF file?

Download the MrSid viewer from Lizard Tech. The viewer has a function to write (export) a MrSid file to a TIFF file.