Can I convert an MP3 file to a .tiff file?

Answer An MP3 file cannot be converted into a .tiff file. MP3 files are audio files, containing no image data. Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) files are image files, containing no audio data. These two fo... Read More »

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How can I convert a JPEG2000 file into a TIFF file?

Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are able to convert JPEG2000 files.

How can I convert a MrSid file into a TIFF file?

Download the MrSid viewer from Lizard Tech. The viewer has a function to write (export) a MrSid file to a TIFF file.

How Do I Convert A Publisher File To A Color Tiff File?

I can only get it to convert my file into a grayscale TIFF file. In the end I need it to be a jpeg file, but I thought if I could get it to a TIFF file, then I could do the TIFF to jpeg conversion ... Read More »

How do i convert a tiff file to a pdf file in adobe?

Launch Adobe Photoshop Launch Adobe Photoshop and go to "File" then "Open." Select the TIFF file to open it. Convert the File Go to "File" then "Save As." Name your file and choose a location to sa... Read More »