Can I contribute to an IRA when I have a pension?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service allows people to contribute to an IRA even if they are covered by a pension plan at work. However, if your adjusted gross income is too high, you may not claim the tax ... Read More »

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Do you have to have wage income to contribute to a Roth IRA?

To contribute to a Roth IRA, you must have earned income equal to or greater than the amount of your contribution. According to the Internal Revenue Service, earned income includes wages, salaries ... Read More »

When Can You Receive a Widow's Pension?

Pension plans are designed to provide a benefit payment to your spouse for his lifetime. But, most pensions also provide for beneficiary payments to widows. These spousal beneficiary payments give ... Read More »

Pension Rights When Terminated?

Your employer's pension plan may end up providing you with a significant portion of your retirement income. A pension funded entirely by your employer represents a unique kind of risk to you though... Read More »

Can I contribute to my IRA when i'm retired?

IRAs, or individual retirement accounts, require that you have earned income in order to make a contribution. Earned income includes wages and salaries, so unless you have earned income when you ar... Read More »