Can I contribute to a traditional IRA?

Answer If you set up a traditional IRA, you can contribute to it up to certain limit each year, according to the IRS. For the 2009 tax year, that limit is $5,000 (or $6,000 if you are 50 or older), or you... Read More »

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Can I contribute to both a 401(k) and a traditional IRA?

Yes, you may contribute to both a traditional IRA and a 401(k) plan in the same year. However, if your adjusted gross income exceeds the annual limits, your traditional IRA contribution may not be ... Read More »

How to Contribute to Both a Traditional IRA & a SIMPLE IRA?

The Individual Retirement Arrangement, or IRA, was first introduced in 1974 as a way to encourage workers to save for retirement. As of 2010, you can deduct up to $5,000 in contributions to a tradi... Read More »

How do I contribute to a Roth& a traditional IRA?

Aggregate ContributionDetermine your aggregate contribution limits. The IRS does not limit how many IRAs you contribute to within the same tax year, but you cannot exceed an aggregate value of $5... Read More »

Can I contribute securities into my traditional IRA?

Stock (securities) cannot be contributed to a traditional IRA account or a Roth IRA account. Contributions of cash only are permitted. You can contribute $5,000 to an IRA account. Also, a $1,000 ca... Read More »