Can I contribute to a rollover ira?

Answer Contributions may be made to rollover IRAs but consider the consequences of co-mingling funds. Personal contributions to a rollover IRA could change its status, preventing you from rolling over tho... Read More »

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Can you rollover an ira into a 401(k)?

The Internal Revenue Service allows money to be rolled over from traditional IRAs and SEP (simplified employee pension) IRAs into 401k plans. You do not incur any additional tax liability because a... Read More »

What is a 401(k) rollover?

A 401k plan is a retirement plan given special tax benefits for retirement savings. A 401k rollover refers to a procedure for removing funds from a 401k account and putting them in another qualifie... Read More »

How to Rollover a SEP?

A Simplified Employee Pension is a retirement savings plan used by smaller organizations or self-employed persons where the employer makes contributions on behalf of the employee into an IRA specif... Read More »

Is It Better to Rollover a 401(k) to a IRA or Another 401(k)?

The benefits of rolling over a 401k to an IRA or another 401k are determined by your personal situation. Both 401ks and IRAs have advantages and disadvantages that are tied to both economic and non... Read More »