Can I consolidate my debts with a mortgage?

Answer On One Hand: Mortgages Can Consolidate DebtIt's quite common for financial consultants to suggest using a second mortgage as a solution for debt consolidation. A mortgage offers a way to turn a lo... Read More »

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Can a bad credit mortgage be used to consolidate debts?

A bad credit mortgage is a loan using property, usually a home and/or land, as security or guarantee of repayment to someone with bad credit or low income. The interest rates and closing costs are ... Read More »

Can i consolidate my debts with loans for the unemployed?

On One Hand: Unemployed Loans Based on Home EquityLoans for the unemployed are typically offered to people based on their ability to offer collateral to secure the loan. Usually this is through hom... Read More »

Can a person use a loan to consolidate debts?

A person may use a debt consolidation loan to pay off debts. Multiple debts are paid off by a single lender to whom you make subsequent payments. If the interest rate is favorable, using a debt con... Read More »

What is the best way to consolidate debts?

When your monthly debt starts to escalate, it can begin to seem out of control. You may read about debt consolidation companies that claim to be able to help you cut your debt in half, or some othe... Read More »