Can I connect my laptop to my neighbor's wireless modem?

Answer On One Hand: Range and AccessAny laptop with a wireless Internet card can connect to a wireless modem. You just need to be in the range of that wireless signal. However, if the wireless modem has w... Read More »

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How to Connect a Laptop to a Wireless Modem?

Wireless modems can allow you to create a Wi-Fi network or hotspot anywhere you want, without having to physically connect your computer to a modem. Wireless modems are particularly useful with lap... Read More »

Can i connect my laptop to neighbours wireless modem?

On a laptop, not without adding a wireless card. You have to use an external antenna, and laptop adapters don't have antenna connections you can get to easily.You'll have to get a wireless card th... Read More »

How do I connect a Vista laptop to a wireless modem?

Go to Start MenuEnsure that the laptop wireless capability is activated; usually, this is a small switch on the front or side of the laptop. Go to the Start Menu. Click "Connect to" in the menu. Al... Read More »

How Can I Connect My Laptop to a 2 Wire Modem Using a Wireless NIC?

The network interface card (NIC) allows a laptop computer to connect to other computers wirelessly. Without the NIC card, the laptop isn't capable of communicating with other devices. It is possibl... Read More »