Can I connect a USB printer to a parallel port?

Answer You can connect a USB-only printer to a parallel port using a USB-to-parallel cable. However, this can have significant drawbacks. Although you may be able to print, other device functionality such... Read More »

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I have a EPSON printer with a USB port and want to connect it to my laptop's USB port, is that possible ?

Oh yes, definitely possible. However, if your laptop has 1.0 USB ports you may not be able to get your printer to function properly or at all.If you have 2.0 USB ports on your laptop you should hav... Read More »

How to Connect a Parallel Printer to a PC Via USB?

You can still use an older printer with a 36-pin parallel port for the cable connection on newer computers equipped only with USB ports. The setup requires a parallel to USB cable to unite the diff... Read More »

How to Connect a USB Printer to an LPT Port?

It is much easier to connect an old printer to a new computer than it is to connect an old computer to a new printer. Most modern printers come with a USB interface because it is faster and easier ... Read More »

Can i connect a HP printer via USB port to a tablet?

I also think that you can be attach a usb printer in your tablet.