Can I come to England & have a root canal filling done ?

Answer Yep come here and cream the system mate, everyone else does it i don't see why you shouldn't.We pay rediculous tax so that you people can get some free that would be otherwise expensive healthcare.... Read More »

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If you had a root canal done 11 months ago with only a temporary filling and you now have braces can you still have the root canal finished?

Answer usually. Answer The braces will not effect the root canal therapy, which should be completed ASAP. Temporary fillings are just that - temporary. They can break down and begin to leak after a... Read More »

Can you do root canal filling in bleeding canals?

Yes. That just means the tooth is still vital (or alive). If the tooth is opened and the canals aren't bleeding this means the tooth is neucrotic or dead. The tooth has no more nutrients going to i... Read More »

What should you do if you had a root canal about 4 months ago and the filling fell out?

Answer have it filled again. Or have a crown placed. When the root is removed the tooth is dead, making it brittle. there is no blood supply keeping the tooth alive anymore. A crown will keep the r... Read More »

Will the dentist put me to sleep to do a root canal or a filling?

I have had several root canals and lots of fillings. The dentist gives you a hot of makes the entire are completely can't feel anything. the needle they use is so thin th... Read More »