Can I combine different RAM types i.e. PC333 with PC266 in one PC?

Answer Youre better off buying a PC400 for your Computer, you said that the RAM you had on your PC was a 256MB PC333, so that means your Motherboard is likely to be a PC333 too. PC parts are meant to be b... Read More »

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Is PC333 RAM compatible with a Cisnet PC?

Cisnet computers do not use PC333 RAM. As of August 2010, Cisnet model computers all use PC-3200 RAM memory. Cisnet computers include the Nascar PC, the CI33-S33 PC and the CA-ST502 PC.References... Read More »

How to Combine Perfumes?

Combining perfumes is a great way to create a unique scent without having to go out and buy a new one. You can choose to manually mix the scents together or to use them on different parts of your b... Read More »

How to Combine Log Expressions?

Logarithms are just a reformulation of the idea of exponentiation. By definition, the log of N to the base B is equal to k when B^k = N. Logarithms can be used to simplify computation by exploiting... Read More »

How to combine 2 harddrives?

here you go… p,s Anthony doesn't know about raid