Can I combine L& R pre-outs to a single powered subwoofer?

Answer Powered subwoofers are designed to detect the very lowest frequencies in a music or movie program and project them powerfully yet accurately into a listening space. They complement the other speake... Read More »

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Powered subwoofer with rca inputs?

Go refurbished offering a new warranty. Seek HSU and Audioengine S8 subwoofers. You will have to shop around a bit, but if you can get either one, its sonic heaven. If both seem out of your reach... Read More »

Is there any way of connecting a powered subwoofer and 2 speakers to a pc.?

Go look around at some of the cheap all in one hifi's (20-60 pounds)suprisingly they often have an RCA output for a subwoofer (!)[ normally would make no sense to add 100 pound subwoofer to 30 poun... Read More »

Can you add a powered subwoofer to a standard Blu Ray player?

No, a standard powered subwoofer needs to connect to a surround receiver for volume control as well as the crossover so that it amplifies just the signals in its ideal range.

How to Connect a Powered Subwoofer to a Surround System?

A powered subwoofer pumps deep, low-frequency bass as part of a surround sound system for home theater. With enough amplification behind it, a quality subwoofer can literally rattle the room, addin... Read More »