Can I color my hair when it is greasy?

Answer On One Hand: The Chemicals Don't CareYou can definitely color your hair when it is greasy. The chemicals that are used in hair dye are so strong that they are going to color the hair regardless of ... Read More »

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Is greasy hair and burning when you wee a sign Of pregnancy?

No, it's a sign of poor hygiene.Regardless of the fact that both can be a sign of poor hygiene (I found that answer rude, unhelpful, and likely not from a woman), both problems occur in perfectly h... Read More »

How to Determine What Color to Use on the Color Wheel When Coloring Hair?

The ability to change hair color allows women to alter their looks depending on their mood or personality, but not all colors work well with any skin tone. There are two types of skin colors -- coo... Read More »

About the new ombre hair trend, when dying half of the hair a bright color how is the maintenance?

I haven't done the ombré with color yet just from brown to blond but I have had color in my hair just as streaks and I know especially with pink they tend to lose their color quickly am turn a bit... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Dry & Greasy Hair?

Hair that gets dry and greasy all at once will prove challenging to stabilize for those with no experience dealing with combination hair. Combination hair is when an oily scalp and dry ends combine... Read More »