Can I close my credit card account?

Answer You can close your credit card account, but there is more to it than simply paying off your balance, according to You must notify the issuer in writing that your account is to be clos... Read More »

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How do I close a credit card account?

Phone Your BankDial the customer service number on the back of your credit card. Request a customer representative and ask to have your account closed. The bank may offer a lower interest rate or o... Read More »

Can I close my credit card account with a balance?

You can close a credit card account to new purchases when you still have a balance, but you still need to pay down the balance every month. Your account will not be truly closed until after you pay... Read More »

Can a bank close a credit card account due to inactivity?

Banks can close a dormant credit card account, according to Customers have lost their inactive accounts at an increasing rate since the 2008 recession because of loss mitigation by... Read More »

Can Credit Card Companies Close Your Account Without Authorization?

Millions of American consumers rely on credit cards to pay bills and provide funds for emergencies. Many people use credit cards solely to gain reward points or air miles. Credit card companies can... Read More »